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We are experts in website design, development and internet marketing. Our President & CEO, Nick Julia, has built a foundation at Epic Web Solutions based upon Six Sigma principles providing a lean, efficient and fast moving staff. There are many factors that set us apart from other web companies, but one thing is absolute - we are the most efficient and streamlined web company that you will ever work with.

We are a fast-paced company that lives for innovation. We thrive on new technologies that change the way the web looks and feels. We strive for efficient-solutions that provide results for our clients and don’t give up until satisfaction is achieved. The secret to our success is not a secret at all; we put our customers first and in return deliver great results.

Jeremy PfeifferJeremy Pfeiffer
Vice President Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development for Epic Web Solutions, Jeremy brings a level of organization, experience and professionalism to the business development team as well as the clients he oversees. He continues to thrive through identifying client opportunity as well as his continual desire to grow relevant client-service processes through delivery management tools that benefit our customers across the US.

Jeremy is a long-time Arizona native and is a graduate of Arizona State University. He is an avid hiker and outdoors man and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Trisha and beautiful bulldog, aptly named CoCo Channel.
Michelle CavanessMichelle Cavaness
Web Development & Design Manager

As Web Development Manager and Designer, Michelle brings development knowledge and design expertise to the team. She has 13 years Web Development experience, and has been with Epic Wed Solutions since 2014. She started her web career in 2002 at GoDaddy.com and has an Associates Degree in Web Design. She has background experience in Server Management, IT Support, Email Marketing and Advertising.

Michelle is an Arizona native and currently resides in Seattle, WA. In her spare time she loves to paint, sew, hike, camp and play roller derby.
Christine OwensChristine Owens
Content & Social Media Manager

As Content & Social Media Manager, Christine brings organization and professionalism to the team as well as to the clients. Christine has a passion for digital media, SEO and social media marketing as well as a dedication to ensuring the clients of Epic Web Solutions are satisfied.

Christine is an Arizona native with a Bachelors Degree from Arizona State University.