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About Joshua Jacoby & My Favorite Web Design

Josh Jacoby - Mesa Web DesignerHi! My name is Joshua Jacoby, and I started My Favorite Web Designs in 2009. At the time, I had been working for a framing contractor for 3 years, since finishing college at ASU. While the majority of the economy was circling the drain and contractors were heading to the woods with tents and sleeping bags, the company I worked for tripled in size. I was bringing in new clients every week through a combination of email marketing, SEO and redesigning the company website extensively to appeal to the correct demographics, as well as social media marketing, which was unheard of for a small business like ours at the time.

I decided this was a product others might be interested in, so I turned my business development skills towards the creation of my own company, My Favorite Web Designs. I have been full time as a web designer and SEO, incorporated and insured since the beginning of 2010. In that time, I have managed campaigns for over 50 clients, and designed 100ā€™s of websites for local Arizona businesses and clients throughout the US and Canada. Due to our close proximity specialize in web design and SEO services in the city of Queen Creek, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and other East Valley Arizona cities. In addition to having our SEO company based in Mesa, we also live work and play in these areas.

In the past few years, demand for our services and word of our quality product has spread, and this has allowed me to grow our company into the organization you see below, with the help of some truly amazing people. In my opinion we are the best SEO service I have seen out there. We work out of my home office, with no sales people, making for very low overhead. This means more of the money you spend with our company actually goes to paying the employees you see listed below to perform marketing work on your account, I believe in reinvesting in service delivery above all other investments.

Joshua Jacoby